Innovations in Beauty 2015


It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of spring and soon we’ll be heading into summer. We’ve had a few months now to observe 2015 beauty trends in hair, makeup, skincare, fashion, and more.

This year’s theme so far is definitely “fun and carefree.” We’re seeing bright, bold colors and fun statement hairstyles and makeup trends—perfect of course for springtime.

What are some of our favorite 2015 beauty innovations? Read on to find out.

1. “Messy” hair.

Sometimes the most luxurious hairstyles are the ones that actually seem the least formal. This year we have seen a lot of women trading in a finished, polished look for a “messy” natural look. Beach waves have been very popular, as have loose knots and braids.

These looks convey a sense of youthfulness and fun, and remind us of carefree days. That is not to say that they are maintenance-free looks. It does take a bit of prep work to carry this look off without it looking too messy.

You may need to touch it up throughout the day as well, but at least you don’t have to worry about every strand that is out of place.

2. Statement eyeliner.

This year, it’s been a big trend to make a statement with eyeliner.

Think 80s punk rock and gothic rock, and you’ve got the right mental image. Maybe not quite Siouxsie Sioux, but certainly inspired by her.

Glitter on the eyelids is another rock-star embellishment which we’ve seen cropping up in eye makeup.

3. Bold lipstick.

Bold eyeliner isn’t the only vivid makeup trend this year. Vivid, rich lipstick colors have also been popular. Think bright, bold reds and deep pinks just bursting with color.


Combined with the eyeliner, this makes for a high-contrast look which really grabs attention, even from a distance. It’s easy to photograph and looks great in play with the bright floral patterns which have been so popular in fashion this year.

4. Vivid floral designs.


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This year in clothing, especially in dresses, we have been seeing big, bold, beautiful flowers.

These designs encompass a range of bright colors, but especially pinks, blues, oranges, and purples, often on white backdrops. These aren’t just little calico flower designs either, but full blooms patterned onto the fabric.

These designs really shout “springtime,” and will be missed going into fall later in the year.

5. Slicked-back hair.

Very popular for women this year, slicked-back hair is making a comeback. Put away your blowdryer and slick your hair back instead using a bit of gel for that “just got out of the swimming pool” look.

Pull it back in a tight, classic ponytail, and you have yourself the perfect do. It’s easy, relatively low maintenance, and keeps the focus on your face, makeup and clothes.


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These are just some of the exciting beauty trends which we have seen emerge during spring 2015. Now that we’re heading into summer, we can look forward to all-new innovations. Enjoy them all!